Our Story

Dharma Trading Post was founded by a team of Ayurvedic doctors.


Just as the artisans and craftsmen we support around the world are endangered by our culture's march toward ever cheapening commodification, so too is the ancient Indian medical tradition of Ayurveda, by the intractable illusion that humans are like machines, with illnesses that can be isolated and repaired without disrupting surrounding systems. We believe that the gradual diminishing of real and authentic connection, with others and with the self, lies at the heart of virtually every crisis our world faces today.


Dharma Trading Post is intended to be a step in the direction of revising society's collective approach to commerce, by embedding personal relationship and story at the heart of the consumer experience. The platform allows masters from around the globe to chart a course for 21st century commerce, without encumbering themselves with the requisite technological know-how.

We do the digital work so that our creators can do what they do best...