December Astrology Forecast

As the month of December begins, Venus has newly reentered its mulatrikona in Libra. This is the place where Venus does its work most efficiently. Libra is Tula, the scales, the emblem of the marketplace. This is where engagement, and intercourse enters into the public sphere. We may find ourselves becoming shrewd businesspeople, even when dealing in the commodity of relationship. Venus, on December 1, is in Chitra nakshatra. Chitra is the “the gleaming one”, a bright pearl in the sky. This only serves to strengthen Venus, which has recently been observable over the eastern horizon at dawn, shining with juicy brilliance. In Sanskirt, Venus is called Shukra – white, shining. Chitra nakshatra is ruled by the planet Mars – accordingly, Venus shines its full drshti, or aspect into the sign of Aries. This is Venus as the warrior – a lesser known aspect of the otherwise delicate and feminine planet. In Vedic Astrology, Venus is associated with the sixth avatar of Visnu, Parashurama.
Parashurama was the son of a a great sage. His father owned a celestial cow that would grant all objects of desire. One day, a king approached the sage and demanded the cow. He refused, and the cow was taken by force. When Parashurama heard of this, he killed the king in vengeance, and many other challengers from the warrior class. Returning home, his father admonished him – Parushurama left, and went off into the world to perform his penance. When he finally returns, he learns that his father has been killed by warriors seeking revenge. He goes on another spree of blood-lust – finally, he tires, puts down his axe, and takes up the life of a renunciate yogi.
This aspect of Venus cannot be ignored. It can show woman as a warrior, like an Amazon. And, it can’t be ignored that many, many wars have been taken up over a woman’s beauty. The great war of Troy began when Helen was wrested by her husband, Menelaus, the King of Sparta, by Paris of Troy. Is is known that the ancient Mayans would wage war only when Venus was rising over the horizon.
All of this is to say that while Venus is its strength in Libra, it may not be the steady and soft ground of Taurus. This is Venus on the offensive, Libra being a masculine sign.
The first week of December will find the Moon wandering through the sign of Vrishika, Scorpio. This is where the Moon is said to be debilitated. It is also close by the Sun – this tells us that we are at a new moon. This is a time when the Moon has very low light. The Moon is the karaka, or indicator for the mind. During these few days, December 5 through 7, is a time when we may feel low on energy, and perhaps a little down. The Moon moves rapidly, as does the mind – it is important to remember that the phases come and go frequently.
By December 15, the Sun is right on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius. This is a crucial event, called gandanta. There is where the water element and fire element meet, a boiling point.
It is like the creation story of the old Scandinavians. In the beginning, there was a great yawning void, Gunningagap. On one side, there is a land of frigid gusts and glaciers. On the other side, a land of furiously raging fire. This universe began to form when these two lands sunk together into the void. Gandanta literally refers to a knot – this is where the knot is revealed, and can be untied. The Sun is our soul. Here, it can emerge from the deep caverns of Scorpio into the brilliant light of Sagittarius. Our true Self can emerge from its pure seed form into its full expression. Sagittarius is the sign of a spiritual warrior. As in the Greek schematic, it is shown by a centaur. In the Greek mythos, the centaur is equally apt to expound upon a spiritual tome, as he is to draw his bow and go to war.
By December 23, Mercury and Jupiter have come close together in Scorpio. This is Guru-Sheshya Yoga, showing the close relationship of a Guru and disciple. In Scorpio, this is showing the revelation of deep truths. Jupiter is in the sign of Mars, and Mars in the sign of Jupiter. The effect is like Mars and Mercury are together in Scorpio, and Jupiter alone in Pisces. There can be a harsh lesson in this to those aspects of ourselves that have not quite matured. Meanwhile, Jupiter supervises with a calm eye from Pisces, the sign of the sages.
At the very end of this month, Venus is preparing to transition from Libra into Scorpio. This will be a contentious transition, where the volcanic fire of Mars test the soft water of Venus. Relationships may enter into a deep, purifying fire. Saturn and the Sun have come together, a conjunction called Pitri Dosha. This indicates a sort of blight on our familial lineage – in Sagittarius, perhaps indicating the father’s lineage. Whatever this blight may be, it may become revealed at this time. It is a blessing that this conjunction is occurring in Sagittarius, where its ruler, Jupiter, can supervise with a benevolent eye and rebuild with righteousness.