Gualala Roast Ayurvedic Coffee Alternative. Caffeine-Free. Low Acidity. Capomo. Chicory. Ashwagadha.

Actually, it's not coffee.

It's Gualala Roast.

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Caffeine-Free. Low Acidity.

Ok i'm in!

Lets face it- I love coffee, but it doesn’t really love me back. I have tried so many coffee substitutes I am mostly disappointed. There are a few I like ok, but I finally found one I LOVE. It actually tastes like coffee and you can brew however you like to make your coffee. I do feel a mild stimulating effect from the ashwaganda herbs, but NONE of the bad reactions I get from coffee. Beyond great!

Lila - Ashland, OR

Gualala Roast is incredibility satisfying! I went from drinking caffeinated coffee to this and I’ve never looked back. In addition to it being ethically sourced and noticeably made with love, it’s rich in flavor, deep in texture and gently energizing without being over stimulating. It feels really good to fuel myself with such positive ingredients!

Jaclyn - Los Angeles, CA

This is revolutionary! The Capomo Nut in this isn't just coffee-esque, it's an uncanny doppelganger with chocolatey overtones. I used to drink cup after cup of black brew a day, and it is great to have Gualala Roast in my arsenal of non-caffeinated beverages now. It's prepared just like you would coffee, and is sublime as a latte. Viva la roast!

Ben - Gualala, CA